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The Gin Gin State School newsletter is produced on a fortnightly basis. The newsletter highlights our school achievements along with ensuring people are aware of upcoming events. Our school newsletter may be emailed on request.

Newsletter.16Nov2017.aspxGin Gin SS Newsletter.16Nov 2017Newsletter.16Nov201716/11/20172 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.19 Oct 2017.aspxNewsletter.19Oct2017Gin Gin SS Newsletter.19 Oct 201719/10/20172 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.5 Oct.aspxNewsletter.5 Oct 2017Gin Gin SS Newsletter.5 Oct5/10/20172 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.7Sept.pdfNewsletter.7 Sept 2017Gin Gin SS Newsletter.7Sept7/09/20171114 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.24Aug.pdfNewsletter.24 Aug 2017Gin Gin SS Newsletter.24Aug24/08/2017818 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.10Aug.pdfNewsletter.10 Aug 17Gin Gin SS Newsletter.10Aug10/08/2017756 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.27Jul.pdfNewsletter.27 July 17Gin Gin SS Newsletter.27Jul27/07/2017902 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.13July.pdfNewsletter.13 Jul 2017Gin Gin SS Newsletter.13July13/07/2017399 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.15Jun.pdfNewsletter.15 Jun 2017Gin Gin SS Newsletter.15Jun15/06/20171021 KB
GIn Gin SS Newsletter.1Jun.pdfNewsletter.1 Jun 2017GIn Gin SS Newsletter.1Jun1/06/2017725 KB
GinGinSS Newsletter.18May.pdfNewsletter.18May2017GinGinSS Newsletter.18May18/05/2017691 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.4May.pdfNewsletter.4 May 2017Gin Gin SS Newsletter.4May4/05/2017671 KB
GIn Gin SS Newsletter.20 Apr.pdfNewsletter.20 Apr 2017GIn Gin SS Newsletter.20 Apr20/04/2017481 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.23Mar.pdfNewsletter.23 Mar 2017Gin Gin SS Newsletter.23Mar23/03/2017479 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.9Mar.pdfNewsletter.9 Mar 2017Gin Gin SS Newsletter.9Mar9/03/2017609 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.23Feb.pdfNewsletter.23 Feb 2017Gin Gin SS Newsletter.23Feb23/02/2017663 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.9Feb.pdfNewsletter.9Feb2017Gin Gin SS Newsletter.9Feb9/02/2017920 KB
Gin Gin SS Newsletter.27Jan.pdfNewsletter.27 Jan 17Gin Gin SS Newsletter.27Jan27/01/2017668 KB