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School bus transport

The majority of students at Gin Gin State School utilise bus transport to travel to and from school. Annual bus committee meetings are held in February. This committee deals with extension and road conditions and problems such as timetables. Parents of children using these services are invited to participate.

Online applications for the School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS) are now available for our school.

STAS is provided by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to support eligible students who travel to and from school by rail, bus, ferry or private transport, where access to education is impeded by distance, income or isolation.

The online application replaces multiple paper forms (depending on the type of assistance sought), making the application process more convenient for parents, guardians and independent students. 

Further information about STAS, eligibility and online applications, including a short video explaining how the new online application works, is available at:​

All passengers using this service must follow the directions of the driver. Any offences on the bus will result in consequences as they could endanger the safety of all the children on board.  If you have concerns over behavioural issues on your child’s bus, please contact the bus company first, as they hold the responsibility once your child boards the bus. The Code of Conduct for School Students Travelling on Buses is available at

Children are supervised on to the buses each afternoon, departing by 3:05 pm.

Service​  Route​ Contractor​ Phone​
868​ Monduran/Gaeta-Gin Gin​ Rod & Bev Powell  ​ 4157 2992​
470​ Tirroan / Tablelands / Horsecamp​ Rod & Bev Powell  ​ 4157 2992​
1737​ Currajong / Ferry Hills/ Red Hill Farms Rod & Bev Powell  ​ 4157 2992​
1819​ Dalysford Road / St Kilda Rod & Bev Powell  ​ 4157 2992​
S17​ Wallaville​ Rod & Bev Powell  ​

4157 2992

P237​ Mingo Road Rod & Bev Powell​

4157 2992

P499​ Walla Rd    ​ Rod & Bev Powell

4157 2992

S842​ Mt Perry - Gin Gin   ​ Gin Gin Buses   ​ 4157 2985​
1836​ Duckpond Rd Extension  ​ Gin Gin Buses  ​ 4157 2985​
1708​ Reedy Ck - Gin Gin   ​ Gin Gin Buses   ​ 4157 2985​
S100​ Bullyard - Gin Gin   ​ Gin Gin Buses   ​ 4157 2985​
P905​ Bucca​ Gin Gin Buses  ​ 4157 2985​

If you wish your child to board a different bus in the afternoon, the school needs to be notified in writing that morning so arrangements can be made. If, however, your circumstances change throughout the day, please phone the school as soon as possible.

For school children to be eligible to use the bus free of charge, they must live more than 3.2 km away from the school.

Parents may be eligible for transport cost assistance if they convey their child/children more than 3.2 km to / from the nearest school or bus. If you believe you are eligible please contact:     

The Department of TransportP O Box 371Maryborough Qld 4650 Telephone: (07) 4121 8315

Last reviewed 27 February 2020
Last updated 27 February 2020