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Class times

A school day at Gin Gin State School

Bell Time Activity​
8:30 am​ Arrive at school, students play.​
8:40 am​ Stop play and prepare for class.​
8:45 am​ Commence class.​
10:45 am​ Morning tea break​
11:25 am​ Stop play and prepare for class​
11:30 am​ Commence class​
1:00 pm​ Lunch break​
1:25 pm​ Stop play and prepare for class​
1:30 pm​ Commence class​
2:50 pm​ All classes are dismissed. Children who live locally and who make their own way to and from school must leave the school grounds immediately and go directly home.​
2:55 pm​ Bell rings to alert children who travel by bus that they must be in bus line.​

Important procedures in the school day

Before school routines​ ​ ​ The school day commences at 8:45 am when the second bell is rung.​
Children who enter the grounds before 8:30 am are not under direct supervision. Children who come to school before 8:30 am need to sit under the school shelter shed and wait for the first bell.​
Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds once they have arrived in the morning.​
End of day routines​ In the afternoon, school finishes at 2:50 pm. ​
Should you be unable to collect your child by 3:05 pm, please make alternative arrangements. ​
The school does not provide after school day care.  ​
All children should be out of the grounds by 3:05 pm unless they are under teacher supervision or other approved adult control, such as waiting for buses or sport training. Even then, they should not loiter for any longer than necessary.  ​